Can men wear pink?

April 29, 2020
valerie elash pG4VMPudxNM unsplash 940x1410 - Can men wear pink?

Can men wear pink? You would think that in the year 2020 this issue does not happen. But sadly, it does. So, let me tell you some hard cold facts. Men can wear pink. Men can wear a pink suit with ruffled sleeves and lacy transparent shirt and still be masculine. What you wear does not dignify who you are as a person.

Honestly, its society’s fault. Why? Because it was the society who push people to follow a certain gender stereotype. When the truth is, men and women alike can do whatever they want. It’s not your life nor your place to condone someone for expressing themselves and doing whatever they want. Thank god, a part of society has evolved and many men and women have broken those gender stereotypes.

I don’t get the association between pink and being girly. It’s literally just a pretty color. It does not represent a certain gender. And to be honest there’s a lot of men who actually look good in pink. If you claim that men are so strong then why is their masculinity so fragile? Strength is not from your sweet bod with six-packs and how much you can drink. No! If that’s how to measure masculinity then wow, that’s weak. Masculinity should be measured from your bravery to stand up for people and yourself, its when you treat a woman right and see them as you equal and yes, wearing a shirt that you like because its pink.

Honestly, it’s sad. It truly is. Men can’t wear pink because they’re don’t want them to think they’re not ‘manly’, can’t cry to express their feelings and to always be ‘balling’. You know it’s funny but I’ve met a lot of gays that are more masculine than straight men. The irony. Because the keep saying pink is gay but you’re not even a man compared to them. Taking men enhancement does not make you a man sweetie, its how you carry yourself and the way you think.

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